Sharing the Presence E.V.

Sharing the Presence e.V. is a non-profit organization founded in 2010, dedicated to conscious cultural change through raising awareness of the importance of mature participation in society. We facilitate intercultural communication and growth through small and large group events, conferences, festivals and other projects. Our work supports a sense of belonging to healthy social environments and a sense of becoming – through the opportunity to develop in life, in both individual and cultural terms.

Irrespective of one’s faith-tradition, origins, wealth, or political orientation, we aspire to learn from each other and to grow in our multi-perspectival capacity, transcending potential conflict and nurturing creative growth.

In our journey toward global citizenship, we seek to develop capacities and competencies through mutual learning, training and practice, to better face humanity’s global challenges. Change is a capacity that we can all learn and practice, so as to live together in a sustainable way in any given environment.